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One of the best things to happen to me recently is the birth of my granddaughter.  I am blessed to wake up to her everyday.  This little bundle of joy wakes up with a smile on her face everyday.  Now how cool is that!  My friends have told me the joys of being a grandparent.  They told me to just wait and see.  Of course I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I do.  It truly is a life-changing event.  I have seen her crawl; take her first step to taking more and more steps.  She has gone from being fed to now feeding herself.  I can’t wait to here her say “Granny”.  She was blessed to be born on her mother’s birthday and we celebrated both birthdays last month, my granddaughter turning one last month and my daughter.  It was truly a special day. 


September 7th was Grandparents Day.  I decree  the month of September to be GRANDPARENTS MONTH.  So happy Grandparents month to all the grandparents.  May you enjoy your grandchildren and cherish to moments that you have together.


So here’s a little history on how Grandparents day got started. 


Back in 1970, Marian McQuade, a West Virginia housewife, came up with the idea of a day set aside to encourage families to visit their elderly relatives. With a firm resolve to make it happen, she began lobbying policymakers. McQuade got through to her Senators, Jennings Randolph and Robert Byrd, who introduced a resolution to make Grandparents Day a national holiday. It took a while to reach the White House, but finally, in 1978, the resolution declaring National Grandparents Day as the first Sunday after Labor Day, was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.



Fun ways to celebrate your Grandparent.

  1. Teach them how to use Facebook and connect them with the family.  Don’t forget the security settings.
  2. Go and spend some time with them.
  3. Pick up the phone and give them a call.

For more exciting ways to connect with your Grandparent you can go to this article online.


If your Grandparent is no longer with you, you can still honor them.

  1. Make a scrap book.
  2. Remember all of the good times and be happy about them.



Words to live by:

1. " Remember, you teach others how to treat you."

2.  "Don't be so focused on the destination that you miss the journey."

3.  "Silence can never be misquoted!"

These are word to live by written by grandparents.  To view other wonderful words you can click on the link to the Grandparents website.

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