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Go Back To School With Less Stress

Shopping, organizing and preparing the kids to go back to school takes work. Cheri Sterman, director of child development at Crayola, offered these stress-reducing tips to help parents get their kids ready for the classroom.



Start back-to-school shopping early. Not waiting for the last minute means less stress, more options and less running around from store to store.


Make the shopping experience a celebratory outing and bonding experience with your kids. Focus on the excitement of being “one year older” and “moving up a grade.”


Empower kids to make their own decisions on items not specified by the school supply list. Help them to embrace the reality that school is coming, from the backpack design to new clothes and the color of lunch box.


Prepare for the changes to daily routines. Work with kids to develop a chore chart (include activities such as packing lunches, packing backpacks and completing homework.) Being able to check those off a chart will help make the new routine more manageable.


Anticipate unexpected supply requests. Acknowledge that there will be new supply requests that weren’t on the original list. Smooth out scheduling headaches by factoring in a dash back to the store during the first week of school.



Some back to school resources you may find helpful include information on:

Immunizations and other health requirements

Financial assistance for families 

Homework help

School supplies

Healthy eating and physical fitness

This can be found at this website.  



Start changing the way you handle stress.

1.  Stress is a daily occurrence - a natural part of life.  How you handle it makes the difference between catastrophe and catalyst. 

2.  Your stress levels affect everyone around you.  Calm yourself and calm the world.

3.  When we are stressed or fearful, we DON'T make good decisions.  Breath easy and be smarter.


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