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The month of June is a busy month. There’s Father’s day, Ramadan, Juneteenth, Summer Solstice (The longest day of the year!) and Graduations. Wow, that’s a lot. I chose to honor our Dads and Grads this month. I value education and I could not have received my Master’s degree without the love and support from my dads.

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers, whether you are a biological, spiritual, mentor and raised a child as your own. You are to be appreciated on Fathers Day. You are amazing.

I don’t want to forget those graduating from college. Congratulations, all of the hard work, long study sessions was worth it. You made it.


Kudos to Fred Vautour who put his five children thru Boston College working as a janitor and the college. But because Vautour is a BC employee, all five children were able to attend the college tuition-free, which knocked about $51,000 off of BC’s $66,000 annual price tag. After scholarships, Vautour said, each child’s college education cost him about $3,000 per year.

“It gave me a reason to be here,” Vautour said. “I used to joke with the vice president that I’d actually work for nothing because my kids are here because of that perk. I could care less if they even gave me a raise because my kids came here.”


Kudos to Stanley Timmons and Brandon Johnson.

Some fathers and sons bond over a beer while watching their favorite football team score against a huge rival. Well, this father and son took family bonding a step further and shared a major milestone together: graduating from college!

Stanley Timmons and his son, Brandon Johnson, graduated with honors recently from Claflin University, a historically black college (HBCU) in South Carolina. Timmons never planned on going to college, but Johnson’s acceptance into the school encouraged him to further his own education - at 40 years old! It just goes to show you that it’s never too late to make changes to better your life.


Thanks, Dad:

“In life’s journey, I always thought I was right and my dad was wrong. But life’s harsh lessons made me realize that dad’s words were right all along. Thanks, Dad.”


Even When You Taught Me I Learned:

“Even when you taught me how to play ball, I learned from you how to stand tall. Even when you taught me how to ride a bike, I learned how to balance myself through life’s turbulent spikes. Even when you helped me with studies, I learned how to take charge of my worries. Thanks, Dad.”


Even As I Grow Older:

“I don’t know where life will take me as I grow old, but what I do know is that I will never be a person as big as my father. Thank you, dad!”


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As your coach I have two questions to ask:

1.  What father can you reach out to and show your appreciation of him?

2.  Can you call a grad and say congratulations? 

Have an AWESOME month,


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